the great sandini virtual reality circus of the cave was EVL graduate student Jim Barr's master's thesis presentation. It was a collaborative effort involving myself and several other graduate students. Each of us contributed a "tent" with some kind of circus-like attraction which a the viewer experienced in the CAVE, EVL's virtual reality theatre.
My contribution was a video freakshow. The audience would enter my circus tent and fall through a trap door in the floor. A short tunnel ride later and they landed in the freakshow itself where live video of the viewers would be distorted in real time and displayed, allowing the audience to see themselves as strange looking wackos. To distort the live feed of the viewers, i used my own image processing tools.
Other contributors to the CIRCUS were: Jason Leigh, Terry Franguiadakis, Maria Roussos, Debra Lowman, Tom Coffin, Johnny Lawson, Kathy O'keefe, and Chris Stewart.

heres a birdsEye of the ol' midway

these are images of the inside and outside on my tent.