my image Processing stuff

i have been doing this image processing stuff for a while now.
i wrote most of the code in C on SGIs using GL. i have been taking images (usually frames from captured video) and using them to deform meshes based on various attributes of the image. it is kind of straightforward. a given vertice of the mesh will be transformed by and given a color from the corresponding pixel in the image. it becomes a little bit trickier (for me) when i start to layer images in order to take colors and surfaces from more than one image. i find the resulting surfaces to be very interesting, especially when they are moving. it can be really cool, and also very dissapointing, to see what kind of surfaces you get from different pieces of video. some of them end up looking really neat and organic and pulsating, while others dont have very much interesting movement in them at all. then they end up looking like shit.
i also used these tools for my contribution to our CIRCUS!!!

some pictures of my stuff...

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