Laura Wolf

Project Coordinator, 1999 - 2009
Software Technologies Research Center


Reda, K., Tantipathananandh, C., Johnson, A., Leigh, J., Berger-Wolf, T., Visualizing the Evolution of Community Structures in Dynamic Social Networks, Eurographics / IEEE Symposium on Visualization 2011 (EuroVis 2011), vol 30, no 3, Bergen, Norway, Hauser, Pfister, van Wijk, May 31, 2011

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Girado, J., Sandin, D., DeFanti, T., Wolf, L., Real-time Camera-based Face Detection using a Modified LAMSTAR Neural Network System, Proceedings of IS&T / SPIE’s 15th Annual Symposium Electronic Imaging 2003, Applications of Artificial Neural Networks in Image Processing V, San Jose, California, pp. 20-24, January 21, 2003