JD Pirtle

Research Specialist, 2011-2013
MFA Graduate, 2011


Febretti, A., Nishimoto, A., Thigpen, T., Talandis, J., Long, L., Pirtle, JD, Peterka, T., Verlo, A., Brown, M., Plepys, D., Sandin, D., Renambot, L., Johnson, A., Leigh, J., CAVE2: A Hybrid Reality Environment for Immersive Simulation and Information Analysis, Proceedings of IS&T / SPIE Electronic Imaging, The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality 2013, San Francisco, CA, February 4, 2013

JD Pirtle, The Fall Beyond Tomorrow’s Life, Submitted as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Fine Arts in New Media Arts, Graduate College, University of Illinois at Chicago, August 1, 2010

JD Pirtle, The Far Dark Shore: Sculptural Depth and Relief in Digital Stereoscopic Video and Composited Stereoscopic Computer Graphics, DXARTS, University of Washington, September 1, 2007