Blitz3D for the GeoWall

Updated August 17, 2004

Jason Leigh

Blitz3D is a programming language (based on the original BASIC programming language) for creating sophisticated game graphics with very simple commands.  This web page contains information on how to get programs written in the Blitz3D to run in side-by-side stereo on the GeoWall.

The following demos contain full source code as well as pre-compiled executeables that will run on the GeoWall without needing Blitz3D. You just need to make sure you have DirectX (at least version 7) installed on your GeoWall. You will need Blitz3D if you want to edit and re-compile the programs.

Below are demos I have taken from Blitz3D and converted to run on the GeoWall. In all cases run the .exe file. Note: these demos are intended for side-by-side GeoWall stereo at 2048x768.

Source code for stereo functions and simple demo that loads up an object and lets you use the arrow keys to drive around the scene.

This is the easiest demo to use to learn how to apply the stereo library.
The  demos below are more impressive content-wise.

If you want to develop your own Blitz3D GeoWall Game, start HERE. This code integrates the stereo API with a game loop that is designed to maintain the same frame rate on computers with a variety of capabilities.

Note: This particular demo is not pre-compiled.
TerrainFly - Fly through of Mars in a spaceship. Mars data was taken from NASA web site.

Program reads a height map (as a greyscale .bmp file) and a texture map (also as a .bmp file). You can exchange the bmp files with your own as long they are square and the dimensions are a power of 2. E.g. 128x128, 512x512. The Mars data sets are 4096x4096. I have tested this with data as large as 8192x8192 and it appears to work although initial load up can take a few minutes.

Use arrow keys to steer airplane. Use A to accelerate, use Z to decelerate.
Use W key to toggle Wireframe- useful to see the level of detail kick in.
Use M key to toggle smooth level of detail interpolation on and off (default is on).
Castle - Loads a castle and lets your little character run around it.

Use WASD to move around. SPACE BAR to jump. ALT to shoot.

Dragon- Loads a 3D animated model of a dragon and lets you spin around it with the arrow keys and A and Z to zoom in and out.

CubeWater- Loads a 3D dungeon with lightmaps and caustic water effects. Very impressive.

Use the mouse to turn your head. Use WASD to move around.

HeadDemo - 3D animated head. Just sit and watch. Trippy!

BirdDemo - Two birds flying through a canyon. Just sit and watch.

Rain - simulation of Rain. Use arrow keys to run around the rain.

Sketch - simulation of sketched drawing (in stereo). Use arrow keys to run around the space.


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