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Open Inventor/VRML viewer for the AGAVE | GeoWall

Allan Spale, Atul Nayak, Chris Scharver, Vikas Chowdhry, Jason Leigh, Andy Johnson

Electronic Visualization Laboratory
University of Illinois at Chicago

ImmersaView is an Open Inventor and VRML2 model viewer for the GeoWall/AGAVE. The data can be a single Inventor/VRML model or a flipbook of models that you can animate or single-step through.

This software uses Coin3D and glut. Collaboration is supported by the QUANTA toolkit. You do not need to download them yet. You only need them if you intend to compile ImmersaView from scratch.

ImmersaView is currently supported in the Linux, Windows and Macintosh environment. Click on the OS that you are interested in to download Immersaview.

What's new in Immersaview Ver 0.4?

  • Improved the speed of loading files
  • Added the ability to show mouse pointers of participants in collaborative sessions.
  • Remote mouse pointers are scalable and depth-adjustable

What's new in Immersaview Ver 0.2?

  • Better memory usage compared to Ver 0.1
  • Speed of animation can be reduced to as low as 0.01 cycles/sec

What's new in Immersaview Ver 0.1?

  • Immersaview now supports VRML2 datasets (.wrl files).
  • Immersaview also supports clone mode stereo.
  • Immersaview supports collaboration between Geowalls now. Details
  • The format of the configuration files has changed. There are now two configuration files - one is a camera setup file and the other is a scene file. This should facilitate data distribution.
  • Immersaview uses glut to create the windows, instead of fltk. This shouldn't affect the user's experience.

Here is a link to the earlier version of Immersaview Ver 0.0b.