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How to manipulate the data:

1. With the mouse:

To rotate the model:
Click on the 3d model with the left button. Drag the mouse to rotate the model in the direction you want.

To zoom in and out of the model:
Click on the model with the middle button. Drag the mouse into the screen to push the model further and towards you to bring the model closer.

To move the model sideways:
Click and hold on the model with the right button. As you drag the mouse, the model should follow you and rest wherever you release the right button.

2. With the keyboard:

Reset the model to the starting position.
Toggle animation.
Slow down the animation.
Speed up the animation.
 Go to next frame.
Go to previous frame.
Toggle autospin (spin around the Y axis of the world).
Toggle autospin (spin around the local Y axis). This function is currently disabled until an error is fixed.
[ ]
Control autospin speed.
Rotate about X and Y.

Rotate about Z.

Panning in XY.
Make the window fullscreen/toggle between fullscreen and original window size.
Space bar
Display the frame rate at the command line.
( )
Increase / decrease the stereo mouse pointer offset.
~ `
Increase / decrease the size of the stereo mouse pointer.

3. With the joystick:

Refer to the instructions here on how to configure hardware and software for joystick/game controller support for immersaview.

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