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How to load your own Open Inventor Models:
Get more data for Immersaview here

The scripts RUN_HEART and RUN_QUAKES execute 'immersaview'. You have to provide the scene file as the first argument to this executable. The second argument can be a configuration file (default : StereoCameras.iv).

[A] Loading a single model

  1. Suppose you have a model called 'Earth.iv'. Make a copy of the Quakes.iv file, and save it as 'scene.iv'. Under the 'Data' node enter the filename 'Earth.iv'. Get rid of unnecessary files. Save and exit.
  2. Create a script RUN_EARTH in your favorite editor. Type immersaview scene.iv StereoCameras.iv. Save and exit the file.
  3. Now run 'RUN_EARTH'.

[B] Loading a flipbook or models with textures

  1. Suppose you have a bunch of models you want to flip through. Create a new 'scene.iv' file by making a copy of Quakes.iv.

    e.g. Suppose you have the models Mars_00.iv, Mars_01.iv, Mars_02.iv,....,
    Mars_10.iv stored in the MarsModels directory. Any texture files would also go into this directory. Make sure to copy scene.iv into this newly created directory.

    #Inventor V2.1 ascii
    Separator {

    DEF Data Separator {
    # Info { string "C:\immersaview\data\Mars" }
    File { name "./Mars_00.iv" }
    File { name "./Mars_01.iv" }
    File { name "./Mars_02.iv" }
    File { name "./Mars_03.iv" }
    File { name "./Mars_10.iv" }

    Save and exit. Comment out the 'Info' line and give the absolute path to the directory containing the data.

  2. Any Immersaview version 0.40 and later has a different manner of loading files than with previous versions. For this reason, it is necessary on Linux and Mac OS to make symbolic links of the immersaview executable and StereoCameras.iv (in which both files now appear in the base directory of the Immersaview installation). For your convenience, you can run a script named 'make-symbolic-links' that will take care of making these links for you. If for some reason, there is a need to remove these symbolic links, run the inverse of this program named 'remove-symbolic-links'.
  3. Now load 'Mars.iv' by first changing to Mars subdirectory in the data directory and type the following: ./immersaview Mars.iv.

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