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Running Collaborative Immersaview

This document describes how you can share data with Immersaview with a remotely located Geowall. The data that you want to share should be located on your Geowall and the remote Geowall too. You should first set up a 'collaboration server', and then execute the Immersaview client.

Collaboration is successful when you have an audio and a video channel (at least an audio channel) available between the two sites. This is fairly easy to achieve nowadays. Most operating systems come with some videoconferencing tools (e.g. VIC/RAT, NetMeeting). You can also use more high-end videoconferencing equipment like the Polycoms or the Access Grid.

When you run Immersaview collaboratively, you can interact with the data on your Geowall and the updates will be sent across to the other Geowall. For example, if you spin the data on your Geowall, it will cause the data on the other Geowall to rotate too. Both sites have control over the interaction; the latest update will persist when there is a conflict. So make sure that you are at least on the telephone with the other site!

  • Run Immersaview Server
  • Run Immersaview Client
  • Interaction

    Specify the server

    Edit the 'StereoCameras.iv' file. Under the 'collabNode' specify the server IP. The server can be your Geowall machine or any other machine. Make sure that all the participants in the collaborative session specify the same server in the 'StereoCameras.iv' file.

    Run Immersaview Server

    The person who decided where the server should run should now start the server program.

    Windows : Run WIN32/Release/immersaviewserver.exe

    LInux/MacOSX : Run bin/immersaviewserver

    Run Immersaview Client

    Now run the Immersaview program at each site. For example you may choose to share the 'Quakes' data. So each participant would execute the 'RUNQuakes' batch file or script on his Geowall.


    You can use the keyboard, mouse or a joystick to interact with the data. See the section on 'User Interace' for details. Each particpant can quit the client program by pressing 'Escape' on the keyboard.


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