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Download for Linux
Immersaview can visualize Open Inventor models on a GeoWall/AGAVE set-up. This zip file contains the executable, some dlls, configuration files and sample datasets. The program launches two windows placed side-by-side sharing the same data. The data can be a single Inventor model or a flipbook of Inventor models. 
Distributions supported :
  • Immersaview has been tested on Red Hat Linux 7.2. 
Version 0.0b June 5, 2002


immersaview0.0linux.tar.gz (for Red Hat 7.2) (25.8 MB)
immersaview0.0linux.tar.gz (for Red Hat 7.3) (25.8 MB)
Source code:
immersaview0.0src.tar.gz (21.8 MB)
How to install Immersaview:
1. Open a terminal window
2. Gunzip & Untar the file

Note :
Immersaview links the Coin library at run time. If you downloaded the executable, you will see the Coin libraries in the 'lib' directory. If you decide to compile immersaview you can grab these libraries from our ftp server. Don't forget to set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH as described below to include the directory where you save the library file.

i) Red Hat 7.3 download here.
ii) Red Hat 7.2 download here.
iii) Suse 7.2 (Coming soon)

Compiling Immersaview :
  1. Before compiling Immersaview you should install:
    • Coin3d and simage libraries (http://www.coin3d.org)
    • fltk library (http://www.fltk.org) [recommend version 1.0.11]
  2. Change directory to immersaviewsrc. Open 'Makefile' and edit the variables INVENTOR_LIB , INVENTOR_INC, FLTK_LIB and FLTK_INC to point to the correct directories. 
  3. The default compiler is g++ 
  4. Type 'make'. 
  5. Add the Coin and simage libraries to your path before you run immersaview (if they are not in the path already).

  6. e.g. set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable with something like: 
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/home/cavern/Coin3d/lib 
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