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To Do List

To Do Item
Make loading faster. Current download seems to occupy double the memory.  
Allow immersaview to load a single file without the extra nodes in the data.iv file.  
Turn off the networking calls if no server is found.  
Add ability to move in Z Bug fixed for next release.
Immersaview camera is positioned behind the data. Bring it in front of the data.  
Automate build process using GNU Autoconf, Automake tools. Done for next release.
Create a self-extracting win installer. Done for next release.
Design a GUI for Immersaview. Done for next release.
Update coin dlls. This will fix mysterious hanging of the program on Geowall Bricks that have Win XP SP 1.  
Update the webpages & downloads.  
Update instructions on how to use joystick.  
Add ability to change Immersaview's background color.  
Specify animation speed in data file.  
Add controls for lighting.  
Clean up Inventor database before exit(). This causes program to hang on some Windows XP machines.  
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