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Download for Windows

Immersaview can visualize Open Inventor and VRML2 models on a GeoWall/AGAVE set-up. This zip file contains the executable, some dlls, configuration files and
sample datasets. The program launches two windows placed side-by-side sharing
the same data. If your graphics card supports clone mode stereo (suported by Nvidia's Quadro4 series), you can also run Immersaview in clone mode - each head of the graphics card will then produce an image for each eye.

The data can be a single Inventor model or a flipbook of Inventor models. With the release of Coin2, VRML support has also been added.

Distributions supported :

  • Immersaview version 0.40 has been tested successfully on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

  • Immersaview version 0.20 has been tested on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Version 0.40, August 2004


immersaview0.40-windows.zip (25 MB)


immersaview0.40-source.zip (22 MB)

Version 0.2 May 02, 2003


immersaview0.2.zip (22 MB)

Source code:

immersaview0.2src.tar.src (23 MB)

Version 0.1 April 14, 2003
immersaview0.1.zip (21.8 MB)
immersaview0.1src.zip (30 MB)

How to install Immersaview:

1. Click on the downloaded file. Unzip the file and extract the contents to C:
(or location of your choice).

Compiling Immersaview :

It is now possible to use CMake to compile all the necessary parts of Immersaview. The benefit of using CMake is that there is a group of make files that CMake uses that will be able to generate the appropriate makefiles for your particular version of Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. You can download CMake here. If you are compiling for Windows, make sure that you have Microsoft Visual Studio or Borland Studio for C++. After downloading CMake, it will be necessary to download and install or compile the following items:

To create the makefiles for your particular compiler using CMake, consult the documentation directory of the Immersaview source ZIP file.

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