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Quick Start

  1. If you have a Windows PC driving a GeoWall, just click on the RUN_Heart script. You should see a model of the human heart and lungs.
  2. If you want to try out this viewer on any Windows machine (may not be connected to the GeoWall), so that you can see both the windows on a single screen, click on 'RUN_Quakes'. You should see one 512 x 1024 windows containing earthquake data.

    If you press 'F' on your keyboard, the window will expand to occupy the entire desktop. Use 'F' to toggle back to the original window size.
  3. To share this data with another Geowall, run Immersaview in collaboration. See this page.

Note : To run the earthquake data on the AGAVE/GeoWall, edit the RUNQuakes batch file. Use the 'StereoCameras.iv' file instead of the 'StereoCamerasDesktop.iv' file.
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