electronic visualization laboratory

Advanced Networking Research

Eric He, Luc Renambot, Jason Leigh

EVL has two dual-processor 16-node clusters –one at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and one at the StarLight facility– connected over I-WIRE.

Both electronic and optical Microelectromechanical System (MEMS) switches are used to create VLANs and lightpaths over an optical fabric consisting of 8 1GigE channels over I-WIRE and 8 1GigE  channels over OMNInet between EVL and StarLight, as well as 12 1GigE channels between StarLight and NetherLight in Amsterdam.

A Force10 E1200 at StarLight can handle up to 40 10GigEs and 200 1GigEs to couple the UIC and StarLight clusters to incoming wavelengths of 10Gb each from Canada, the Netherlands, CERN and the UK, as well as 10GigE routed circuits from the TeraGrid, Abilene, ESnet, and other National R&E networks, all of which peer at StarLight.

The middleware projects being developed to control this networking testbed are: