electronic visualization laboratory

Advanced Networking Research

Eric He, Luc Renambot, Jason Leigh

Photonic Domain Controller is an intra-domain optical switching middleware. It can provision end-to-end lightpath within a domain. It can also provide domain-level lightpath service for inter-domain middleware such as PIN (Photonic Inter-domain Negotiator).

In traditional networks, bandwidth or network provisioning is done by network administrators manually, and usually takes from a few hours to a few weeks. In the OptIPuter world, applications can control the network, more specifically, lambdas, by themselves.

An applicaton wishing to allocate a lightpath between two end points, contacts the PDC server by calling functions in the PDC client library. The PDC server then sets up the lightpath if the resource is available, and returns the path id and IP addresses of end points. The application can then run all kinds of socket communications between the two end points.