electronic visualization laboratory

Advanced Networking Research

Eric He, Luc Renambot, Jason Leigh

The PIN architecture is proposed to enable individual applications to execute secure dynamic provisioning of lightpaths over multi-domains with heterogeneous local control planes. PIN also enables the dynamic scheduling of lightpaths for deployment through a grid scheduling scheme based on an adaptation of the Globus Architecture for Reservation and Allocation (GARA) for optical networks.

The PIN routing scheme consists of two routing protocols: domain-level source routing to complement application-centric signaling, and BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) routing to adapt to lightpath topology changes.

The PIN inter-domain signaling scheme is realized by signaling dispatchers and translators of the distributed PIN agents located in heterogeneous domains. The signaling dispatcher decide whether incoming signaling messages are terminated locally or forwarded to remote domains. For local termination, the signaling translator maps PIN inter-omain messages into corresponding messages understood by local domains and passes them to the local control planes.

PIN supports policy based secure inter-domain routing and signaling controls via IETF AAA architecture.