CAVERNsoft G2 Release updates

   (Last updated December 22, 2000)

Current Release:

Networking modules:    CAVERNsoft 1.2.1     Last updated on 22 December, 2000

Higher level modules:   Modules_1.3             Last updated on 22 December, 2000

Changes in higher level modules since the 1.2 release  (dated October 26, 2000)
1. New Manipulative coordinate system class

          This pfMCS class to handle manipulation and transformations has been added to the distribution. A transformation strategy (rotation, moving, scaling) needs to be associated with this class for this. The latest version of coanim serves as an example of the usage.

2. New menus in coanim

Coanim now has a new 3D menu panel for the most frequently used interactions.
3. New Installation procedure:
All the makefiles have been changed to incorporate the new environment variable CAVERN_DISTRIB
4. Changes in Linux Makefiles
Some of the linux makefiles have been changed to no longer refer to SGI-specific libraries such as limage etc
5. The armarticulation and avatar modules are now windows compatible.

Changes in networking modules  since the 1.2 release (dated October 26, 2000)

1. Separation of  'Globus' libraries from the CAVERNsoft G2 distribution :
The CAVERNsoft G2 distribution no longer contains the globus library. If you need to use the globus library, you will have to download it separately. This was done to reduce the size of the distribution and to make the installation procedure simpler, especially for new users of CAVERNsoft G2.
2. New Installation procedure:
CAVERNG2_1.2.1 uses an environment variable CAVERN_DISTRIB to point to the location of the distribution, instead of the old way of editing Makefiles and editing CAVERN_XXXX_INCLUDE files. So all the make files and include files have been changed. The installation guides have also been changed.
3. Bug fixes : Bugs and some memory leaks have been fixed. The APIs affected have been listed below:
CAVERNnet_udp_c ( the receive() did not react even if NON_BLOCKING mode was set)

What was new in CAVERNG2 version 1.2 ?

What was new in CAVERNG2 version 1.1 ?

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