CAVERNsoft G2 Release updates

CAVERNsoft 1.1 Release version
Date: 12 May 2000

Changes Since 1.0b (beta version dated Jan 2000)

Changes and bug fixes made after 1.0 release version
  1. Performance monitoring feature is added in almost all CAVERNsoft G2 APIs.
  2. CAVERNnet_perfDaemon_c, CAVERNnet_perfDaemonClient_c, CAVERNnet_perfMonitor_c classes are added for performance monitoring features. Perf_daemon application is also included in the distribution.
  3. Due to many problems occurred in different sites, we made non-globus version of CAVERN library as default one. Now make will create only non-globus version of libraries. For IRIX operating system, 64 bit version of the library is not built by default since not all systems support 64bit instructions. If you want to create globus version of the library or 64bit version of the library on IRIX systems, you have to build them by yourself. Please read README.IRIX for instructions.
  4. CAVERN_LIB and CAVERN_CFLAGS are changed to be the same as CAVERN_LIB_WITHOUT_GLOBUS and CAVERN_CFLAGS_WITHOUT_GLOBUS macros of CAVERNsoft G2 1.0 release. Both CAVERN_LIB_WITHOUT_GLOBUS and CAVERN_CFLAGS_WITHOUT_GLOBUS are still supported for the compatibility with 1.0. If you want to use globus version of library, you need to use CAVERN_LIB_WITH_GLOBUS and CAVERN_CFLAGS_WITH_GLOBUS, instead.
  5. simplified gettimeofday function with high performance counter is added for Windows version of CAVERNsoft G2.

  6. See documentation of gettimeofday function for a known bug that happens in NEC PC9800 series computer with Japanese Windows 95.
  7. CAVERNnet_extendedTcpClient_c, CAVERNnet_extendedTcpServer_c, CAVERNnet_extendedParallelTcpClient_c, CAVERNnet_extendedParallelTcpServer_c classes are added.
  8. CC macro in Makefile is replaced with CPPCOMPILER. If you use CC macro in your makefile, you may have to change it to CPPCOMPILER.
  9. keytool.cxx
  10. CAVERNnet_datapack_c class
  11. CAVERNnet_remoteFileIOServer32_c, CAVERNnet_remoteFileIO64Server_c class, CAVERNnet_remoteParallelFileIOServer32_c, CAVERNnet_remoteParallelFileIO64Server_c classes
  12. CAVERNnet_tcpServer_c class
  13. CAVERNnet_tcpClient_c class
  14. CAVERNnet_tcpReflector_c class
  15. CAVERNnet_tcpReflectorClient_c class
  16. CAVERNinit() function
  17. CAVERNnet_mcast_c class
  18. CAVERNnet_parallelTcpClient_c class
  19. CAVERNnet_parallelTcpServer_c class
  20. CAVERNnet_socketbase_c class
  21. CAVERNnet_sharedState_c class
  22. CAVERNnet_udp_c class
  23. CAVERNdb_client_c class
  24. CAVERNdb_server_c class
  25. perfNavCollision
  26. CAVERN_baseAvatar_c
  27. CAVERN_audioStream_c, aconf, aconfserver in both modules/audstream and audstreamint
  28. CAVERN_perfBaseAvatar_c
  1. CAVERNnet_datapack_c class:
  2. Following four methods are added to CAVERNnet_datapack_c class. Please read the documentation comes with this library to find more about the methods.
  3. int packInt32(int32 val);
    int packInt64(int64 val);
    int unpackInt32(int32* Answer);
    int unpackInt64(int64* Answer);
  4. New types in thread support(CAVERNts) classes:
  5. New types are introduced such as CAVERN_THREAD_T, CAVERN_MUTEX_T, and CAVERN_CONDITION_T to hide the details of the thread library used in CAVERNsoft G2. Using these new types are encouraged to help you create more portable applications.
  6. cvrnNap function is removed.
  7. Parallel socket classes:
  8. CAVERNnet_pclient_c and CAVERNnet_pserver_c classes are replaced with CAVERNnet_parallelTcpClient_c and CAVERNnet_parallelTcpServer_c, respectively. The usage of these new classes are quite similar to CAVERNnet_tcpClient_c and CAVERNnet_tcpServer_c classes. Please read the manual to find out the details.
  9. CAVERNnet_psocket_c class has been removed.
  10. CAVERNnet_remoteParallelFileIO32_c and CAVERNnet_remoteParallelFileIO64_c classes are added to provide remote file I/O operations using parallel sockets.
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