Global Lambda Visualization Facility

The Scalable Adaptive Graphics Environment


Primary Contact

Jason Leigh
Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL)
University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), US
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Project Description

The OptIPuter project’s Scalable Adaptive Graphics Environment (SAGE) system coordinates and displays multiple incoming streams of ultra-high-resolution computer graphics and live high-definition video on the 100Megapixel LambdaVision tiled display system. Network statistics of SAGE streams are portrayed using Cyto-Viz, an artistic network visualization system. UIC participates in the Global Lambda Visualization Facility (GLVF). SAGE is a research project of the UIC Electronic Visualization Laboratory, supported by the OptIPuter project.

The OptIPuter is a powerful distributed cyberinfrastructure to support data-intensive scientific research and collaboration. It has two application drivers the NIH Biomedical Informatics Research Network and the NSF EarthScope where scientists are generating multi-gigabytes of 3D volumetric data objects that reside on distributed archives that they want to correlate, analyze and visualize.

The OptIPuter is being designed as a “virtual” parallel computer in which the individual “processors” are widely distributed clusters; the “memory” is in the form of large distributed data repositories; “peripherals” are very-large scientific instruments, visualization displays and/or sensor arrays; and the “motherboard” uses standard IP delivered over multiple dedicated lambdas.

This project is funded by U.S. National Science Foundation award SCI-0225642 (the OptIPuter project) to the University of California, San Diego; and the Office of Naval Research.