Global Lambda Visualization Facility

GLVF: The Solutions Server over Media Lightpaths

Primary Contact

Brian Corrie
Simon Fraser University, Canada
bcorrie -@-


Todd Zimmerman, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Pierre Boulanger, University of Alberta, Canada

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Project Description

The University of Alberta Solutions Server is a suite of tools that couple live computational simulation with visualizations. The Solutions Server, combined with SGI's VizServer software, streams visualizations to computer consoles of distantly located scientists and engineers over the WestGrid dedicated Gigabit network. The Media Lightpaths project seeks to move toward configurable lightpaths to support on-demand visualizations between non-WestGrid collaborators. Ultimately, our goal is to integrate the User Controlled LightPath technology with the AccessGrid. WestGrid peers with Canada's CA*net 4 infrastructure at a number of locations. The WestGrid core network is provided by BCNet (British Columbia advanced Network), Netera (Alberta advanced network), and CANARIE. Simon Fraser University and the University of Alberta are participants in the Global Lambda Visualization Facility (GLVF). The Media LightPaths project is funded by CANARIE.