LambdaCam is a real-time screen capture and distribution utility for cluster driven tiled-displays. It allows users to remotely view the output of cluster driven tiled-displays in real-time, using either a web-interface or through an OpenGL based utility. Thus, in essence, it acts akin to a web-cam pointed at the tiled display. This allows users to remotely monitor or present the output of a tiled-display even on a laptop.

The software's version 1.0 is stable for download and use. The software has been tested on Suse 9.1/9.2, RedHat 7.3 and Rocks 3.2. The OpenGL based viewer program has also been tested on MacOS X.

yorda 5x3

Figure 1 shows a snapshot of a web-browser displaying EVL's 5x3 tiled display. Though the actual dimensions of the tiled-display are 6400 x 3072 pixels, LambdaCam scales the output to a 1024 x 491 pixel image.


Figure 2: National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research's (NCMIR) Opteron cluster driven Biowall is shown here displaying a high-resolution microscope scan of a rat brain. The resolution of the Biowall is 8000 x 4800 pixels