After unzipping the LambdaCam.tar.gz file in a directory, do:

$> cd LambdaCam/
$> make clean
$> make

It should be noted that the make file does not have a "make install" and after a successful make, you can move the LambdaCam/bin directory anywhere, as long as you note the new installation directory in the bin/LambdaCam.conf file.


Modify the bin/LambdaCam.conf file to tweak port numbers, installation directory path .. etc. In the very least one has to change the installation directory. This is the path that is visible to all the cluster nodes (over NFS). If the directory is moved after making the source, the installation path has to be changed to indicate the new location.


Modify the bin/stdtile.conf (or whatever tile config file you specify in LambdaCam.conf) to reflect the layout of the tiled display. The stdtile.conf file can be generated manually as described here. The page also has links to sample stdtile.conf files.


Set a web password using the bin/webpass script. Without running this, you won't be able to access the webpages.


Use the START and STOP scripts in the bin/ directory to start/stop the LambdaCam daemon.


You are done with the installation. To view the output, there are 2 options:

  1. Open a web browser and type the URL of the web-server. The web server runs on the 'port' parameter specified in LamdaCam.conf plus one. So if the 'port' was 5910, the webserver runs on 5911. To view the output of the LambdaCam daemon, you would type http://machine_name:5911
  2. There is also an OpenGL based viewer program in the package, which is compiled when you do a make. Run the binary 'lcViewer' to execute it.

MAC specific installation

Only the viewer program (lcViewer) has been tested on Mac OS X. The makefile for this is called 'Makefile.mac' in the src/ directory. So instead of following the steps mentioned in the previous section, you modify the path in the src/Makefile.mac to reflect where fltk is installed and then do:

[1] cd src/
[1] make -f Makefile.mac clean
[2] make -f Makefile.mac

This will place the binary ''lcViewer' in the bin/ directory. Execute it from there.