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Optically Connected Memory Cache

Venkatram Vishwanath, Jason Leigh

LambdaRAM is an application being developed to address long-haul latency in optical networks. This technique collects memory in a compute cluster and then allocates it as a cache to minimize the effects of latency over long-distance, high-speed networks. LambdaRAM takes advantage of multiple-gigabit networks (available on the StarLight and OMNInet testbeds) to pre-fetch information before an application is likely to need it (similar to how RAM caches work in computers today). LambdaRAM extends this concept over high-speed networks. We have started testing LambdaRAM (UDP blasting) between the UIC National Center for Data Mining’s (NCDM) cluster and EVL’s cluster.


LambdaRAM cache visualization by Naveen Krishnaprasad and Venkatram Vishwanath.

Data provided by NCAR

updated: July 2004