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A Platform and Software Independent Solution for Real Time Display Distribution in Advanced Collaborative Environments

Jason Leigh, Luc Reanmbot

LambdaVision usage:

LambdaVision is an ultra-high-resolution visualization and networking instrument designed to support collaboration among co-located and remote experts requiring interactive ultra-high-resolution imagery. LambdaVision investigates means to advance both science and public safety as validated by users in various disciplines of earth science research, and training exercises in disaster response and crisis management. In one application, LambdaVision serves up to 60 trillion bytes (TB) of U.S. urban city map data to distributed 100-megapixel displays, enabling scientists and local, state and Federal agencies to compare real-time imagery of disasters (fire, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.) with stored city, regional and national maps in high detail. LambdaVision is also developing adjunct wireless and camera-tracked instrumentation to facilitate interaction among users to help deploy emergency services where needed. LambdaVision entails a tenfold push of applied visualization and networking technology.


55 LCD panels, 1600x1200 pixels each, for a total of 105600000 pixels. [17600 pixels by 6000 pixels ]

Display plus preview of SAGE.
Images provided by Luc Renambot, EVL
updated: August 2004