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Charles Zhang, Jason Leigh

TeraScope is a set of visualization tools for massively parallelized Visual Data Mining applications running on high-speed networks. Message Passing Interface (MPI) is used to parallelize TeraScope code to run on clusters, and to incorporate visualization capabilities into its 3D graphical user interface (GUI) design. TeraScope provides parallel pipelines between the GUI and large datasets on remote DSTP servers, and parallelizes data querying, computing and display.

The goals of TeraScope have been broadened and incorporated into the Scalable and Adaptive Graphics Environment (SAGE) project. TeraScope is a prototype for us to understand how to build SAGE.

Ph.D. student Charles Zhang demonstrating an early prototype of TeraScope at SC01. The visualizations were generated on a small LambdaVisualizationNode of 4 PCs.

A TeraSnap generated by TeraScope. Image shows a 3D scatter plot of precipitation and CO2 levels over Earth. Data from National Center for Atmospheric Research.
updated: June 2004