QoSIMoTo (Quality of Service Internet Monitoring Tool)


Todo / Ideas / Concerns Status
log handler: file
- read selective portions in the log file
log handler: file
- move a file ptr to anywhere in the log file
log handler: file
- create two file ptr to read/write log file for real-time streaming visualization (using perf_daemon)
log handler: file
- reading a line from a log file and update in queue for drawing in real-time streaming visualization
file ptr move backward/forward
log handler: parse
- handle empty line, null data (i.e. no matchme value), negative value
log handler: date
- handle DATE (based on year:mon:day:hr:minute:sec) or TIME (simple incremental time series)
log handler: queue
- when QSIZE is bigger than the # of line in the log file, it will only shows the # of line of data in the visualization
log handler: queue
- resize
log handler: queue
- decimation ot average 5 ~ 10 values when increasing Qsize to keep the size of graph vertices small
graph: extract display data from raw data (Q)
- run-time selection and display of data in multi-dimension (x,y,z etc)
- support diff. data plot
graph: type
- support diff. graph type (e.g. scatter plot, ribbon, tube)
- scatter plot (another graph on top of main time-series graph) to show relationship between variables
can toggle ribbon/tube
graph: hidden data show (i.e. magic lense)
- when use points in a graph the actual data will be poped up
done, but it should display in "user's perspective"
graph: clipping plane
- plot data against one dimension
- should apply in x,y,z and any plane.
graph: statistics
- support histogram
- support raw statistics data
graph: volume
- tickmark labeling
graph: volume
- dynamic volume/grid auto resizing
graph: color
- automatic color scaling
graph: drawing
- automatic reshaping (recompute display data to drawing graph data that will fit in the volume)
- X: Q front time <-> Q last time
- Y: ymin bound <-> ymax bound
- Z: 0 <-> MAX_GRAPHS=10
graph: annotation (for event label)
- it would be useful to be able to add "special event labels" into the netlogger stream so that they show up in visualization. e.g. I would label an event that would occur like LABEL= ENTER_CLIPPIG_MODE. then, during the visualization, I would like to be able to see when those events occur in relation to the network performance
interface: volume
- how to resize volume
interface: wand
- should change a wand shape when resizing volume, resizing qsize, moving qpointer (i.e. move fileptr)
- intersection routine
interface: visor
- create icons for menu
interface: clock
- grab/move a qpointer
- grab/resize a viewing window (qsize indicator)
done - need to work on problem of qpointer at the start time and the end time.
interface: color
- scale up/down color index interface in visor
3D text font done using glf
collaborative mode later
utility routine: log_merge merging two different logfile based on time. e.g. log_merge
graph: dynamically remove/add streams (on Z axis) asap
graph: uniform W(width) mode
- when W is not specified, the width of graph is uniformly formed. (i.e. W=1)