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How to make your applications compatible with QUANTA?

For Linux users:
  • Step 1: Download the script cavern2quanta

  • Step 2: Untar the file. Type
  • gunzip ca2qu.tar.gz tar
    -xvf ca2qu.tar
  • Step 3: Place the script in your application directory. For example: if your application is in C:/temp/yourapplication, then copy the script under the "yourapplication" directory. The path should look like this C:/temp/yourapplication/ca2qu

  • Step 4: Type
  • chmod u+x ca2qu

to make the script executable. Note: Your current working directory should be c:/temp/yourapplication

  • Step 5: Run the script. Type


Note : This script changes the occurence of CAVERN in your application to QUANTA in all the files placed under your applications directory, changes the name of the files and directories from CAVERN to QUANTA, to make your application compatible with QUANTA ver0.0. This script is case sensitive. It is advised to have backup copies of your application before using the script.

For IRIX users:

Currently we are unable to provide you with a script to change the occurence of CAVERN to QUANTA