Installation guide using CMake for Linux/



This guide shows you how to build the networking libraries in the QUANTA distribution using CMake. You can also install the CAVERNsoft modules which use the networking modules.

Table of Contents
  1. System Requirements
  2. Building and installing the QUANTA libraries
  3. Building your own application
  4. Support
  5. Appendix A: Directory Structure
  6. Appendix B: CMake UI screenshots
  7. Installing the binary version of Quanta for Windows (Follow this link, if you have downloaded

System Requirements

The networking modules of QUANTA v1.0 were tested on the platforms listed below.

Platform Version
Linux Suse Linux 10.1
Mac OSX 10.4
Windows XP (Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET)


Building and installing the QUANTA libraries

The process has 4 main steps.

1. Downloading the distribution into a working directory

a. Download the QUANTA_xxx.tar.gz file to a working directory( where xxx is the version number).

b. Uncompress the distribution by using the command:
gunzip QUANTA_xxx.tar.gz

Untar the distribution with the command :
tar -xvf QUANTA_xxx.tar

The entire distribution will be placed in your working directory under the sub directory

If your working directory is /usr/tmp/QUANTA then you will see the distribution in
/usr/tmp/QUANTA/QUANTA_xxx (where xxx is the version number of the distribution).

Note: A brief description of the directories in the distribution is available in Appendix A

2. Building the QUANTA libraries

a. Refer the link on how to run CMake on Windows and UNIX.

b. Steps to do a out-of-source build (UNIX only). It is recommended (though not necessary) to do out of source build, as it simplifies things in the event of configuration or build changes. Windows users can use the CMake GUI to specify the source and build directories. Look at Appendix B for screenshots of CMake UI

  • mkdir QUANTA-build
  • cd QUANTA-build
  • ccmake ../QUANTA_xxx

Using the CMake UI (GUI for Windows and Text based UI for UNIX), you can edit the default configurations (QUANTA_BIN_TYPE, CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE, INSTALL_PREFIX). Once you have edited the configuration settings, generate the necessary build files by entering the command option 'To generate' from the UI.

c. Once you have configured and generated the build files for the project. Type make (UNIX only). For Windows, CMake would have generated appropriate Workspace or Solution files. Open the workspace using Visual Studio 6.0 or .NET. Select ALL_BUILD project from the project explorer and build using the Build Menu.

3. Installing QUANTA in the deployment directory

If you need to make the QUANTA networking APIs available to other users, you should install QUANTA in a deployment directory. Type make install (UNIX only). For Windows, Select the INSTALL project and build it. This will install the entire Quanta library on the path specified during CMake configuration.

4. Demo programs

The demo programs are a set of sample programs located in the 'demos' sub directory of the distribution. These demo programs are strictly for QUANTA networking APIs. The demo programs exist in four directories under the demos sub directory (db, network, misc, threads). A 'README' file in each directory (located in the 'docs' sub directory) describes the demo programs.

The demo programs are automatically built.

Look into each directory and use the docs/README.html file to understand how the demos should be run.

Building your own application

You are now ready to write your own applications with QUANTA. Click here to see a Sample Makefile. It demonstrates how you can compile and link a program 'test.cxx' with QUANTA. Type
make to build your program.

Right click to download a copy of the sample makefile


Please post your questions, comments on the Quanta forum

Appendix A : Directory Structure

The QUANTA distribution is organized into several sub directories.

Each sub directory is described below.

Directory Description
demos contains sample programs that use the QUANTA networking APIs.
include contains header files for QUANTA
tools contains performance monitoring daemon server and a simple performance monitoring client.
src contains source code for QUANTA
WIN32 contains workspace, projects of QUANTA for WIn32 and pthreads library
stlce contains the Standard Template library for WIN CE
wince contains workspace, projects of QUANTA for WIN CE distribution

Appendix B : CMake UI screenshots

Screenshot of CMake GUI on Windows

With the GUI, users can edit the default configurations, choose binary type like 32, n32 or 64 bit. Change the default installation location (e.g., /usr/local/QUANTA/)

Screenshot of CMake on a UNIX terminal

Appendix C : Installing the binary version for Windows

Binary version of Quanta v1.0 is now available as a zip archive. The distribution is organized into several sub directories.

Each sub directory is described below.

Directory Description
demos contains sample programs that use the QUANTA networking APIs.
include contains header files for QUANTA
lib contains quanta.lib, pthread_win32.dll and pthread_win32.lib library files