Installation guide for Windows CE


This guide shows you how to build the networking libraries in the QUANTA distribution for the WIN CE platform.

Table of Contents

  1. System Requirements
  2. Building the QUANTA libraries
  3. Building your own application
  4. Support
  5. Appendix A : Directory Structure

System Requirements

The networking modules of QUANTA were tested on the PocketPC platform for the StrongARM and the Hitachi SH3 processors. You will need Embedded Microsoft Visual tools 3.0 installed.

Building the QUANTA libraries

The process has 2 main steps.

1. Downloading the distribution into a working directory

a. Download the QUANTA_xxx file to a working directory (where xxx is the version number).

b. Extract all the contents of the file into your working directory.
If your working directory is
C:\QUANTA, then you will see the distribution in
C:\QUANTA\QUANTA_xxx. (where xxx is the version number of the distribution).

Note: A brief description of the directories in the distribution is available in Appendix A.

2. Building the QUANTA libraries

a. Open the workspace 'quantace.vcw' from the 'wince' directory.

b. From the menu choose Build->Batch Build->Build

The networking libraries are now ready for use. cd to ARMDbg or SH3Dbg and the quantace.lib will be found there.

Building your own application
    You can create new applications with QUANTA, Using Embedded Visual C++ 3.0

    1. Create a new project.

    2. Go to Project Settings and click on the C/C++ tab.
      Select Preprocessor as the Category.
      In the Preprocessor definitions textbox add:

      In the Additional include directories textbox add:

    3. Go to Project Settings->Link->Category:Input->Object/Library Modules: add quantace.lib.

      In the Additional library path textbox add:
      D:\QUANTA\wince\ARMRel or

    4. Add all your other files to the project and build it.

If you have any problems, questions, or feedback please send email to

Appendix A : Directory Structure

The QUANTA distribution is organized into several sub directories.
Each sub directory is described below.

Directory Description
demos contains sample programs that use the QUANTA networking APIs.
include contains header files for QUANTA
tool contains performance monitoring daemon server and a simple performance monitoring client.
src contains source code for QUANTA
WIN32 contains the workspace and projects for WIN 98/2000/NT and the pthreads library
wince contains the workspace and projects for WIN CE