QUANTA history

Releases to date

What's new in Quanta v1.0 :

  • Fixes for corrupt project error messages on Visual Studio 6.0 and .NET
  • Uses CMake (Cross platform make system) to build and install the networking libraries. This makes the toolkit to have platform independent makefiles.

What's new in Quanta v0.4 :

  • Added support for 64 bit Opteron systems.
  • Resolved incompatibilities resulting from both winsock.h and winsock2.h being included when compiling with QUANTA in Visual Studio .NET.
  • Added new member function QUANTAnet_tcpReflector::setBlockingTimeout() to allow setting the blocking timeout while waiting for TCP socket operations.
  • Added new QUANTAnet_udpReflector_c::setBlockingTimeOut() member function to set the blocking timeout in seconds on the internal UDP socket.
List of changes between ver0.3 and ver0.4

What's new in Quanta v0.3 :

  • Added new API QUANTAnet_iovec_c .This API implements a message passing interface using the scatter - gather mechanisms. The interface allows transfer of non-contiguous buffers in memory over the network, using native data structures of operating systems. This eliminates the redundant memory copies which are normally involved in such transfers. The API works with both TCP and UDP data streams.
  • Added demo programs to illustrate the QUANTAnet_iovec_c API for both TCP and UDP.
  • Added new function setSockOptions for QUANTAnet_tcpServer class to set read/write socket buffer size.
  • Added function waitForNewConnections() to QUANTAnet_tcp class.
  • Resolved incompatibilities resulting from both winsock.h and winsock2.h being included when compiling with QUANTA.
  • Moved headers, QUANTA_APPLICATIONS_INCLUDES.in, and Makefile.am to QUANTA sub directory so the headers can be found from within the build environment.
  • Changed quanta-config.hxx to QUANTAconfig.hxx.
  • Includes QUANTAconfig_win32.hxx when compiling on Windows.
  • Changed library includes to QUANTA/*, as it was easier to modify the source files than modify every Visual Studio configuration.
  • Changed headers to include QUANTA headers as
    #include <QUANTA/QUANTA_HEADER> so the headers can be found when installed.
  • Changed includes to use brackets rather than quotes. The ANSI standard states that "include.h" behavior is implementation-dependent. Only <include.h> is part of the standard.
  • Replaced all winsock2.h includes with windows.h.
  • Changed include guard __HAVE_WINSOCK_H to __HAVE_WINDOWS_H.
List of other changes in v0.3

What's new in Quanta v0.2 :

  • Implemented FEC to stream realtime data over networks.
  • Options to build static, dynamic Quanta library.
  • Object serialization via classes QUANTAnet_objectStreamTcp and QUANTAnet_objectStreamUdp
  • Synchronization of distributed threads using classes QUANTAnet_barrierBaseTcp and QUANTAnet_barrierBaseUdp
  • Added class QUANTAts_condition for thread condition variables and QUANTAts_barrier for thread synchronisation
  • Implemented ADT container classes for list, stack, queue and vector
  • Added demo program for QUANTAdb_sharedState
List of other changes in v0.2

What's new in Quanta v0.1 :

  • Broken pipe error fixed in QUANTAnet_rbudpSender_c.cxx

What's new in Quanta v0.0 :

  • QUANTAnet_socketbase_c.hxx includes __APPLE__ in its typedef for socklen_t
  • In QUANTAnet_parallelTcp_c.cxx the TCPBUFSIZE is set to 32677 for Darwin and 4470000 for all other systems
  • Delete fixes were made to all the source files. Changed "delete" to "delete[]"

Note: The QUANTA networking modules were previously known as the CAVERNsoft networking modules.