EVL ResearchGear publishes preliminary software, technical reports, data or results that the
Electronic Visualization Laboratory openly shares with the research community.


20060721_krumbholz Tangible User Interface Testing on the LambdaTable: A High Resolution Tiled LCD Tabletop Display
20060610_he A Flexible Advance Reservation Model for Multi-Domain WDM Optical Networks
20060525_wang LambdaBridge: A Scalable Architecture for Future Generation Terabit Applications
20060505_vishwanath A High-Performance Sensor for Cluster Monitoring and Adaptation
20060322_He AR-PIN/PDC: Flexible Advance Reservation of Intradomain and Interdomain Lightpaths
20060321_wang LambdaBridge: Towards an Edge-Based Terabit Wide-Area Network
20060216_behrens NetLasso - a automation tool designed to test network bandwidth while gathering system and hardware data



20051031_vishwanath A Case for UDP Offload Engines in LambdaGrids
20050829_alimohideen Light Path Reservation System (LPRS)
20050824_jeong High-Performance Scalable Graphics Architecture 
for High-Resolution Displays
Scalable Visualization Consumer (SVC) for SAGE
Detailed Multi-Scale Correlated Microscopy Workflow
ImmersaDesk 4
Comparison of End-Point Routing (the LambdaRouter) vs Big Fat Routers
20050311_kulkarni Cluster Performance Monitoring with Ganglia and NetLogger
20050203_xiong LambdaStream


20040820_dan Cylindrical Varrier™ Autostereo Display
20040812_vern Compilation of CAVERN Publications in EndNote Format
20040717_zhang Upcoming conferences & events
20040715_schwarz Enabling Stereo Viewing in ParaView
20040710_rao Tile Configuration Library
20040525_renambot EVL Internal Visualization workshop, May 25 and 26 2004.
20040411_kirihata An Implementation of Sort-Last Volume Rendering over an Optical Network Backplane
20040412_venkataraman Vol-a-Tile Benchmarks


20030201_leigh Particle & Spring Systems C++ Class Library
20030817_he Quanta Reliable Blast UDP experiments on the TeraGrid
20030819_renambot Vol-a-Tile Developments
NS2 Simulation of Reliable Blast UDP
20030930_yang Resource Monitor Framework Design
20031003_he Photonic Domain Controller
20031022_spale ImmersaView Launcher
20031205_rao Geotiff-World Coordinates to Image Mapping
20031215_jeong Teravision Performance Tests with Varying Frame Sizes

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