Photonic Domain Controller

Eric He

Version: October 03, 2003

ResearchGear ID: 20031003_he

Photonic Domain Controller provides end-to-end lambda provisioning service. In traditional networks, network or bandwidth provisioning are done by network administrators manually, usually takes from a few hours to a few weeks. In OptIPuter world, applications can control network, more specifically, lambdas, by themselves. An applicaton wishing to allocate a lightpath between two end points, contacts the PDC server by calling functions in the PDC client library. The PDC server will set up the lightpath if the resource is available and return the path id and IP addresses of end points. The application then can run all kinds of socket communications between the two end points.

This is the current photonic testbed within EVL.

* In this diagram, Scylla node 8, 12, Prusin have some technical problems. We are trying to solve them as soon as possible. Please avoid using these nodes.

As an example, if you want to connect Scylla.7 to Bisheng.2, the call is

QUANTA_PDCClient_c client;
QUANTA_lightpath mylightpath;

client.requestPath("", 7, "", 2, mylightpath);

The corrsponding tear down call is


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