Tile Configuration Library

Arun Rao, Byungil Jeong

Version: July 7, 2004

ResearchGear ID: 20040710_rao 


Tile Configuration Library is a C/C++ library to configure a tile display that is to run on a computing cluster.  The purpose for this library is to create and manage mappings of physical displays to a cluster node that drives the display.  The first test case for this library is SAGE, which needs information to route pixels to the correct cluster node and the IP of the node.

The library is an Open Source API, and is available in source form.  To use the library, unzip the library package and include the header file(s) to your own source code.  Then follow the demo program source code that is included with the library.  The library also can read a standard configuration format that describes a tile display.  An example of the format is included with the library.

The overall flow of the API is to generate a listing of physical monitors, and cluster nodes.  After generating those parts, the next step is to generate mappings between a physical monitor and a cluster node.  Finally after all mappings are made, the user must make a call to let the API generate virtual desktop tiles with pixel information and information in normalized form with respect to the entire virtual desktop that represents the tile display.

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