Tangible User Interface Testing on the LambdaTable: A High Resolution Tiled LCD Tabletop Display

Cole Krumbholz, Robert Kooima, Arun Rao

Version: July 21, 2006

ResearchGear ID: 20060721_krumbholz

This paper presents the LambdaTable, a tabletop display that employs tiled LCD monitors to significantly improve resolution over single display or projector systems. It supports multi-modal interaction with applications and co-present users by combining extremely high visual resolution with uniquely identified, special purpose camera tracked physical interface devices, all within a large multi-user tabletop environment. In this paper we investigate the Fitts' Law properties of this system, with particular emphasis on target acquisition across large distances. We also discuss the LambdaTable's applications for solving emerging needs within the scientific visualization and emergency response domains.

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