SAGE Display Controller


This page lists all the software requirements and installation instructions on how to install/use the Sage Display Controller application.

Software/Hardware Requirments

Installation instructions

Note : You need a working Apache Tomcat installed before you proceed with the installation.

Based on your tomcat installation configuration, sometimes you might have to re-start your tomcat server for the application to work.

Example: APACHE_ROOT_DIRECTORY = /home/user/apache-tomcat
Copy the SAGEUI.WAR file into /home/user/apache-tomcat/webapps directory. Restart the apache tomcat server with the command ' restart' found in the /home/user/apache-tomcat/bin directory. If the tomcat has been installed on a machine named and running on port 8443, you should be able to access the application using the URL

Additional instructions

Once the application is installed, you have to run the SageProxyServer script everytime you start the SAGE application.

Note: The SAGE application has to be running before you start the SageProxyServer script.

How to share your desktop ?

Clients Only: To share your desktop you have to install a VNC server on your personal device (e.g., laptop, desktop). Currently, the application does not support NAT addresses, so if you are behind a router you would have to enable port forwarding in your router to share your desktop.

You can download a copy of the VNC client/server from the following links specfic to your platform.

Note: Configure your firewall to allow port 5900 (default VNC port). If the VNC server is running on some other different port, please allow exceptions for that port number on your firewall.