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The above is an simplified overview of the interactions between TacTile and a Processing Applicaiton.

The Touch Device is a piece of hardware that register touches. These are then caught and broadcasted to a network connection via the Touch Tracker. Currently there are two types of Touch Trackers released by EVL:

TacTile API creates and manages communications between a Touch Tracker and a Processing application via a network connection. It supports both the aboved mentioned Touch Trackers : Personal Omega Tracker and EVL Omega Tracker. A very indepth discussion on the methods associated with the Touch API can be found in the Java Docs.


TacTile API

Personal Omega Tracker Server


Latest Version

This is the documentation for TacTile API, which was released on 02.27.2009. There have been some method name changes. This was done to make the names less clunky.


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