The Virtual Temporal Bone

Mary Rasmussen, Theodore Mason, Alan Millman- Virtual Realty Medicine Lab/UIC;
Mohammed Dastagir Ali -
Electronic Visualization Lab/UIC

The Virtual Temporal Bone is a tele-immersive education program to allow a remotely located physician to teach medical students about the three-dimensional structure and function of the inner ear. In this environment the students and instructor may point-at and rotate the ear to view it from various perspectives. They may also strip away the surrounding outer ear and temporal bone to more clearly view the inner anatomy. Audio from the voice conference is used to modify the flapping of the ear drum to illustrate its function.

This application originally used the CAVE library's limited set of networking capabilities (either point-to-point UDP or multicast only) to coordinate the collaboration. To replace this networking with CAVERNsoft, the CAVE2CAVERNsoft library was developed that allowed a one-to-one replacement of the CAVE's networking API with those that use CAVERNsoft. The CAVE2CAVERNsoft library was developed so that existing CAVE applications that use the CAVE's networking API can easily transition to CAVERNsoft without significant re-implementation. This transition will allow an application to further extend its capabilities by leveraging the additional networking and database facilities provided by CAVERNsoft. Furthermore CAVE2CAVERNSoft can itself be used independently as a library to develop tele-immersive applications.

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