Heliac Plasma Coils

Brian Corrie, Henry Gardner, Sam Taylor,

Cooperative Research Centre for Advanced Computational Systems,
Australian National University

The graphic shows the main magnetic coil set and a magnetic "flux surface" of the H-1NF Heliac experiment at the Australian National University (ANU). The H-1NF Heliac is a fusion plasma physics experiment which was designed and built at ANU and which has recently been upgraded to a National Facility for the use by scientists from a consortium of Australian universities. It is an alternative to the tokamak style of fusion device and is a member of a family of experimental reactors which is currently being studied in the USA, Germany, Japan, Spain, Russia and the Ukraine.

The coil set of the H-1NF twists around a central conducting coil to make up a three-period toroidal helix. The magnetic flux surface is colored according to its magnetic field strength: the high strength (red) regions come close to the central coil and the low strength (blue) regions are towards the outside of the device. The low field strength regions might be expected to be associated with a loss of plasma particles and would be a target area for diagnostic experiments.

The collaborative virtual environment facilities offered by Limbo will be trialed as a way of enabling scientists at the various universities in the H-1NF consortium to understand experimental and simulation data and to participate in the planning of future experiments.

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