User Manual
(C) 2001 Jinghua Ge, Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago

May 25, 2001 

Table of Contents

What is VR Slider: 

VR Slider is a 3D stereoscopic slide viewer for the CAVE/ImmersaDesk or the AGAVE passive stereo display system. Users can control the slide show with the mouse/wand, both in single-user mode or collabarative mode. It uses the CAVElib for display and CAVERNsoft for network synchronization.  Furthermore it allows collaborators to take control of the 3D pointer so that they can point at elements in the scene.

VR Slider reads .ppm (portable pixmap) images.

Note: If your images are larger than 512*512, the program will resample it to fit 512*512. This limitation will be corrected in future versions. 

System Requirements:

How to compile: 

VR Slider has been tested in both IRIX and LINUX 6.2 . 
First, make sure 
1.  The path of CAVElib(CAVE_DIR=path line in Makefile) is correct; 
2.  The compiler (CPPCOMPILER=compiler line in Makefile) is proper; 
3.  The path of CAVERNsoft is correct.

         Using CAVERN_DISTRIB=path;export CAVERN_DISTRIB in bash or bsh 
         Using setenv CAVERN_DISTRIB path in csh

If everything is OK, type "make". Two exectuable files collabserver and collabslider will be created. 

Running in Single user mode: 

If you want to use the VR Slider as a single user, simply type 
vrslider ".ppm image pairs you want to show"
make sure left eye image appear before right eye image in your command line. 
e.g. vrslider left1.ppm right1.ppm left2.ppm right2.ppm .....

Running in Collaborative mode: 

If you want to work with your peers, you may want to share your information and syncronize the sequence being displayed. To realize this function, run server by typing 
collabserver port#

e.g. collabserver 40000

Every client who want to  share the scene must have a copy of image pairs. 
Then, each user run his/her own client by typing: 
vrslider -c servername -p port -n username ".ppm image pairs you want to show"

e.g. vrslider -c obiwan.kenobi.com -p 40000 left1.ppm right1.ppm left2.ppm right2.ppm .....


Left Mouse Button Previous Slide
Middle Mouse Button Next Slide
Right Mouse Button Take control / Release control of 3D pointer
Hold all 3 Mouse Buttons Down Jump to First Slide
Ctrl + Mouse Move the 3D pointer