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Many readers write:

Dear Mistress misha,

In your Index of Famous Dogs, you state that Scully's dog Queequeg (on the X Files) ate its previous owner after she died. I seem to remember that the dog's previous owner was a man, and that there was nothing missing off of his body when Scully and Mulder found him.

Mistress misha lunchbox responds:

Queequeg Gentle Reader, this mistake is a common one. The psychic man that killed himself at the end, Clyde Bruckman, was not the dog's previous owner. You will recall that near the beginning of the epsiode (number 304, Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose), when he went to his elderly neighbor's apartment to take out her trash, the dog came out of her apartment; it was her dog. She handed him a lighter; upon touching it, he had a vision of the dog, who was now sniffing around the man's feet, eating the old woman's flesh. He looked down & snapped something like "get away from me, you cannibal."

At the end, when Scully and Mulder arrive at Mr. Bruckman's apartment to find his body, there is a note taped to the door, addressed to Dana Scully. It reads:

"My neighbor, Mrs. Lowe, passed away last night. Please see that the remains of her remains are taken care of. Would you like a dog? He is paper-trained and well-behaved, regardless of his actions last night, which you can't really blame him for."

Leonard writes:

Dear Mistress misha,

What made you do the famous pet names page to begin with?

Mistress misha lunchbox responds:

Asrael The thing that actually sparked the whole project was an email from a friend of mine in Boston who shared with me her reactions upon seeing my Axe-Murderer Smurf. She said she & her friend had a theory that the smurfs represented the Nazis, and in her explanation she mentioned Asrael (Gargamel's cat). Something in my brain snapped, and for the next two days i was the victim of a constant stream of dog and cat names (80% of the names i came up with on both lists were logged in the first 48 hours).

In retrospect, it's a project that has been brewing in me for a long time. Sporatically over the last 10 years or so i have written down names of famous animals as prospects for naming my own future pets. ...just another one of my demons, i suppose.

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