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"Fred" writes:

Dear Mistress misha,

What does the Lunchbox mean?

Mistress misha lunchbox responds:

In some primitive cultures, carry-out, delivery, and even dine-in are not available to the common citizens. The solution for these unfortunate individuals is to bring their food with them when the need arises to leave the comfort of their own home refrigerators. Our ancestors just carried their food in their hands, which soon proved to be quite inconvenient; furthermore, when they put the food down on the ground, it got dirty and was sometimes eaten by hyenas (or various other miscellaneous lunch-stealing animals).

The next step in the evolutionary process was the lunch bag, or "sack." This invention consisted of a small paper bag into which a person's lunch could be deposited for easy transport. Although the "bag lunch" -- as it is sometimes called -- revolutionized the state of lunch-carrying, it still had its drawbacks, not the least of which was the fact that the lunch within could very easily be crushed. Also, the bags, being made of paper, were quite flimsy and ripped easily.

In the last 50-odd years, mankind has witnessed the arrival of the "lunchbox," which can be described as a small box with a hinged lid and a handle. One can put one's lunch into the box via the hinged lid, and then carry it effortlessly along using the convenient handle. Early versions were made of metal, which was prone to rusting and spawning sharp, tetanus-laden edges. The modern version is made of sturdy, resilient plastic. When placed within a lunchbox, food is kept clean, intact, and completely safe from hyenas.

Any more questions?

"Fred" writes back:

Dear Mistress misha,

Yes. Actually i do have more questions.

1. Are you implying that you are a "a small box with a hinged lid and a handle?"
2. Are you implying that you are "prone to rusting and spawning sharp, tetanus-laden edges?"
3. Are you are clean? intact?

Mistress misha lunchbox responds:

Don't be a smart-ass Fred, this is my turf. Get your own letters column.

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