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I've grouped my "friends" links into 3 categories:


<- Andrew Pines

My best friend; i've known him since i was 3 years old! These days he designs computer brains for toys. His page has stuff about the PlayStation game Slamscape that he produced, his '68 Galaxie, Felix the Cat, & dogs in outer space, but he hasn't updated anything but the space dogs in a long time.

Keith Beu ->

Keith is a very odd and very talented person, which must be why i like him. He's currently working at a small upstart video game company called Valkyrie Studios on a game called Septerra Core.

<- Steve Boyer

He owns SkyBoy, a small arcade game company; you may very well have played his Police Trainer -- i see it everywhere i go!

Todd Papaleo ->

This page is about Todd's band "The Mess," and includes information on him plus the two other members, John Podlasek & Brad, who are also my friends. Todd & John work in video games, Brad is in school.

<- Tom Zehner

This link deals mostly with Tom, his wife, and his rugrats. He also hosts Zehner Brainer, a useful site for people in the gaming industry.


<- Valkyrie Studios

When Viacom Mew Media dissolved, a bunch of my friends from there started Valkyrie, where they are now developing a video game called Septerra Core. Check it out, it looks like it's going to be really cool!

Hatman ->

Hatman is another group of folks from Viacom. The site is maintained by Chuck Zenkus, who writes all sorts of software for people to download for free.


<- Matt Anderson

Another ex-Viacommie. He & i didn't get along at all until he moved to AZ. He's probably the most industrious person i know, & his site has TONS of downloadable games, textures, etc.

David Newton ->

He's from Canada, but please don't hold it against him. He's got all sorts of artwork, stories, and general goofiness on his site.


A.K.A. Kevin; he writes mushy poetry, which is pretty good if you're into that kinda stuff. He also has photos, social commentary, and links.

Mike Chwastiak ->

Another Canadian, eh? This link is to his e-zine, The Sideroad. Good stuff for your brain. His sister wrote the essay about smurfs being nazis.

<- Dave, uh, "Smith"

Crazy alcoholic member of a punk Star Trek band from California; he was once in my apartment visiting my roommates, and yet i didn't meet him until 7 years later after he'd moved 2,000 miles away...

Bill Spitzak ->

In addition to working at Digital Domain, he paints sci-fi scenes with considerable talent, and writes software that you can download for free!

<- anna*bruce

Lovely, intelligent, and plays the accordion. What more could you ask for?


Cygnus is into "all things Scottish." Who isn't?

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