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Since the fall of 1992 i have been here in the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) laboring towards a Master of Fine Arts degree. My focus has been almost entirely on computer graphics, with a side of programming.

Since the Masters i am pursuing is in Fine Art, my final thesis requirement was to put on a show at a gallery. The show was put on, but it was incomplete, and much of the stuff that did end up getting installed was late. I also tend to agree with my committee when they say that it was a sloppy installation. If only those aliens hadn't abducted me right in the middle of crunch time...

Anyway, my commitee has granted me a second chance, and i am currently working on the make-up project (and no, it has nothing to do with cosmetics). The linked documents below describe the disastrous gallery show and the work i am now in the process of churning out (no apologies for that dangling participle).


The Divine Concept

Last year i read an article, Exploring Chaos and Fractals, which discusses scientists' early experiments with iteration: "...their mathematics produced images which were ... at times, awesomely like nature." To me, it was as if these scientists had stumbled upon the equation that rules the universe; the process that "God" uses to create all things; the "Divine Algorithm." This project is about the set of laws, the equation that governs the creation, existence, and destruction of all things.


Part 1: Gallery Show

Part 2: Animation

My Lovely and Talented MFA Committee

Thanks to these guys, who put up with a lot of aggravation from me in the last few months, and have helped me out anyway:

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