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If you like my web site, you will LOVE Cray-Baby Adventures. I do not have any stock in Electric Milk Comics, and i do not make so much as one penny off of any sale. All this is unsolicited testimony

The characters bear many frightening resemblances to the Smurfs; from their physical appearance, to their habit of using the word "cray" to modify every other word. But the overall twisted mood of the book makes them seem less like Smurfette & more like my Axe-Murderer Smurf; cute childhood figures who live in a mildly sick, definitely strange adult world. No sex, no cursing, just lots of good, clean, innocent killing and mayhem (mostly mayhem).

On top of all that, i absolutely love the artwork. It's not like the handmade comics you usually see (nice cover / garbage inside); this book is exceptionally well-drawn all the way through.

So why am i saying all this? Because i really like this book, and i want it to be around for a while. Electric Milk is a tiny publisher (i think it might be just Art himself putting this stuff out) who probably can't afford national distribution in comic book shops. So i'm just trying to help out.

cray-baby cover #1 cray-baby cover #2

cray back 2

If you would like your own copy of The Cray-Baby Adventures, please write to the following address:

Art Baltazar
Electric Milk Comics
P.O. Box 388814
Chicago, Illinois 60638-8814

Issues 1 through 5 were all available as of July 4, 1997, although issues 1 & 2 (shown above) are in their second printing only.

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