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The following article, "...But it it Art?", was written as a class project for a small Dutch feminist art magazine called RUIMTE. I did the actual wording of the whole piece, but the section titled "The Virtual Future of Art" was researched entirely by my co-authors, Debra Lowman and Margaret Watson.


The article is aimed at a very specific audience: the chief editor of RUIMTE Magazine (who, incidentally, pressured us into using the questionable title, "...But is it Art?"). It is therefore a little bit too "perky" for our tastes. Had we been under our own direction, all three of us would have executed this project quite differently. Furthermore, we found it necessary to hastily revamp the last section ("The Virtual Future of Art") at the last minute.

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This article was published in April of 1996, entirely in Dutch. To see what the layout looks like, click "See layout" below. This will take you to a series of pages that each contain a full image, ranging in size from 80k to 336k.

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