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Does misha hate men?

Don't think i haven't realized that most of the cartoons i've posted on my page seem to relay a strong man-hating sentiment. I think it is important that i clarify this for those of you out there who don't know me well enough to understand where i stand on this issue. I would like to open this discussion by saying that if the question is:

"Does misha hate men?"
the answer is:
"Yes, but..."

You see, saying that i hate men is a half-truth. When stated this way it sounds as if theirs is the only gender upon which i frown. That is just not true. The fact is that i also hate women, albeit for a completely different set of reasons. So when engaging in a discusison about my cartoons, the question really must be phrased thusly:

"Does misha find men more amusing than women?"
To which the answer is:

One might even argue that this amusing quality is even endearing ; for whom do we love better than he who can make us laugh? I mean, really : how else would Gary Shandling get laid?

In summary : yes, i hate men as a group. I hate humans as a group. Who wouldn't hate the species that brought you such (un)popular favorties as deforestation, Barney the Purple Dinosaur, MicroSoft, and the atom bomb? Humans lie, cheat, steal, and refuse to let you change lanes in front of them. But with men, women, children, lawyers, and the human race alike, it is possible to hate them as a group, but love them as individuals.

Think about it.

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