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Here is some (mostly) non-digital stuff i did (mostly) as an undergrad.
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buddy.gif: 53k

"Buddy," or "Puberty"

Medium: Plaster
I have been told that the story of Buddy's creation is an interesting one. So here goes.
In high school, i created a sculpture (not shown) that i felt was the best work i'd ever done. My mother displayed it on the mantlepiece. One day her once-a-week housekeeper broke this sculpture, but rather than confessing, she balanced it on the broken fragment, and it eventually fell off the mantle and was smashed into 8 pieces, some of which are missing.
When I created Buddy, it was in hopes that it would fall off the mantle and crush my mother's housekeeper to death. Unfortunatley, mom didn't think it fit in with her decor, so this plan never came to fruition.
eyes.gif: 59k

"Eyes Towards the Future"

Medium: Airbrush on coldpress & Inkjet print
This is a portrait of me in the 2nd grade that i painted for my mother. And no, i did not intentionally distort it. I'm just not a very good artist, okay?!?!?!?
rose.gif: 63k

"Rose Sketch #2"

Medium: Pastels on brown paper
This is actually more of a lazy sketch than a work of art.
demon_side.gif: 81k

No title.

Medium: pencil on paper
Here is another sketch. It represents the demon that haunts me in my dreams.
blob.gif: 133k

No title.

Medium: colored pencil on paper
...and here is a scene from one dream in which my demon starred. The guy is supposed to be having his face burned off by this giant evil blob.

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