Christina A. Vasilakis
1123 Ferdinand Ave.
Forest Park, IL 60130 [email]

Summary: Experienced design and programming professional with expertise in 3-D graphics and user interface design.

Technical Profile: Strong graphic and interface design and programming background with experience in scientific visualization at Argonne National Labs and interface design and dynamic web design at Magnify Inc. Technical Experience:

Graphical User Interface Programmer: eAggregator (2003-Present)
Contract work as part of a GUI team implementing skins to Java SWING user interface components. Also, aiding in production of graphics for implementation into interface.

Senior Graphical User Interface Programmer: Magnify Inc. (1998-2002)
Magnify is a data mining company that provides profiling and scoring solutions to various clientele that include insurance, credit card companies as well as web-based email campaign targeting. To this end, my job duties spanned the development of software for desktop as well as browser based deployment.

Specific duties:
Design, development and maintenance of a desktop interface that encompassed the data mining software suite known as Pattern. This interface provided access to the numerous functions of the Pattern software and a specialized visualizer that enables the user to view and browse decision trees. Duties also include development and maintenance of a Java-based tree visualization tool including upgrades through various Java/SWING versions starting with Java 1.0. Also required was software integration between front and back end software spanning Java and C++ languages.
Design, development and maintenance of a browser-based interface front end to the port of Magnify's Pattern to client-server technology. The browser version of Pattern utilizes software with centralized server- based data manipulation software and multi-user client access to the software. The interface consisted of numerous JSP pages that provide access to the product's many software tools as well as file management for projects created with this software. Also required was software techniques that spanned front and back end software that include JSP, Java and C++ technologies.
Additional visualization tasks include development of a database viewing system for database monitoring as well as report tool development for cross-tab analysis of database scoring.

Senior Programmer:, (1997-1998)
Web content provider that was responsibility for the creation and maintenance of web sites. Duties included devising programming solutions for interface to database capabilities and included programming support in HTML, JavaScript and PERL scripting language.

Programmer: Argonne National Laboratory, Structural Biology Center, (1991-1997)
Employer investigated mechanism of various protein crystals to isolate the mechanisms through which they function. Duties centered around visualization of these protein crystals based on numeric data that described their structure.

In addition, employer developed hardware and software for operating large xray data collection devices known as beamlines as part of the Advanced Photon Source project on site. These beamlines are used by the crystallographic community at large. Duties here included interface design required to encompass the suite of control software for running and monitoring the beamlines.

Specific duties:
Design and implementation of an interactive molecular visualization tool that enabled users to interact with data describing a molecule using an interface whose controls were tailored by the structure itself. Users could also transform the molecule and view parts of the molecule in many levels of detail. Languages used include C and SGI's graphical language library, GL.

Design and implementation of an environment the encompassed the software suite of tools for beamline control. This interface had to address a community of users whose level of expertise with the device did not rise above a novice level. Languages used include C and Motif.

Dec. 1997: MS in Computer Science at University of Illinois at Chicago
Dec. 1995: MFA in Electronic Visualization at University of Illinois at Chicago
Dec. 1989: BFA in Photo/Film/Video, University of Illinois at Chicago (GPA 4.9/5.0), with Honors and Distinction

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