Computer Related Projects
Below is a brief visual tour through some of the work I have done over the past 2 years at EVL. All of the projects below were conceived and executed by me, with help from the staff and students at EVL. Although I don't consider myself a programmer, I have experience in the field in a fairly advanced level, and hope this will help me in understanding the future of technology.
I was also involved in several peoples research and projects, that is not listed here.
"CAVE TooLs" This set of low level tools provides a slider, button and rotating knob that can be used with any CAVE program. The implementation uses slider as a C library or the individual objects may be called as C++ Classes.
HyperCubeThis is the original hypercube I designed as the educational basis for the Collaborative Virtual Learning Environments. Although the model was correct in it's visual design a matrix rotation for 4-Dimensional movement was not possible and a different cube is used in the CVLE. Not being a mathematician, this was still a major achievement for me.
"Virtual Basketball" This was my first big project using the CAVE library. This was program was designed to work with reality based modeling and collision detection. Upon it's completion a ball could be shot from any location and could collide with any of the objects in the environment. The ball, rim and floor were modeled for correct gravity, friction and bounce.
Moving Texture Maps This was a play on the works of Jackson Pollocks painting the Shimmering Motion of the background could be controlled with a variety of input devices. The actions caused the backgrounds to move, giving life to the painting.
Boxes This is the first ever program I wrote using C and OpenGL. It is fairly simple, moving colored boxes, but it had a nice feel and motion.