Thesis Proposal "A Comparison of Video, Avatar, and Face to Face in Collaborative Virtual Learning Environments."
I am involved with the following projects along with the ongoing research of the Electronic Visualization Laboratory. You can click on the images below to find out more.
CAVE based Installations. The CAVE is becoming a popular widely used Virtual Reality Tool.
I am currently working on a collaborative virtual  environment called Dimension Land, that teaches about multidimensional space using Avatars, Video and face-to-face instruction.
As part of Dimension Land I am also working on avatar development.  These avatars have mouths that move based on the amplitude of the speakers voice.  This type of technique helps identify which avatar is speaking when there are multiple avatars in an environment. It also seems to make them significantly more life like.  Seen here are the male, instructor, female and HMD user avatars.
I have been involved at various levels of the NICE project. Working mostly on the communication aspects of the project.
I was involved in research in Computer Animation Using Digital Video for a variety of purposes. This information is reviewed in my Siggraph Presentation.